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New €20 note with improved security to enter circulation


Sandy Vega

 The European Central Bank launched the new €5 in May 2013 and the new €10 note came on stream in September 2014. Each new note includes a raised print, giving a unique feel.
New €20 notes will begin circulating across Ireland from tomorrow.
When held up to the light, a hologram of Greek mythology figure Europa can be seen.
The note has has an additional security feature known as the portrait window.
Meanwhile, when the new note is tilted, a silvery stripe reveals a portrait of Europa in a transparent window, and the emerald number will change to deep blue while moving up and down. In total, there were 18.1 billion banknotes in circulation with a face value of €1,053.8 billion.
The new notes are similar to the old ones which remain valid but will gradually be withdrawn as they become worn out. The new 50-euro bill is set to go into circulation in the second quarter of 2017, reported the Bank of France in a separate press conference.

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