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Who, in Greek mythology, wandered around looking for an honest man?

Q.    Who was the guy in Greek mythology who wandered around with a lantern looking for an honest man?

A.     You’re probably thinking of Diogenes, a Greek philosopher who lived from about 412 to 323 B.C.  According to legend, Diogenes walked barefoot through the streets, carrying a lamp in broad daylight, proclaiming himself in search of an honest man. The legend provides no answer to the question of whether Diogenes ever found what he was looking for, but since he belonged to the Cynic school of Greek philosophy, the odds are not good. Diogenes taught that wealth and high position did not help a person lead a good life.  He preferred to take his ethical models from the animal kingdom. The word Cynic, in fact, comes from the Greek word for “dog.”
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