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Remains of Roman army base found in Austria

Archaeologists have discovered one of the earliest Roman military camps in the Carnuntum on the Danube near Vienna
Archaeologists in Austria believe they have found the remains of the country's oldest Roman army camp at the historic site of Carnuntum, just east of Vienna
The team at the Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute for Virtual Archaeology discovered the remains, using non-invasive radar scanning technology.
The archaeologists believe the camp dates to about 6 AD, which, if confirmed, could make it the winter camp of Emperor Tiberius.
Carnuntum eventually became a city of 50-thousand people and a major military and trade outpost linking the far-flung Roman empire's Asian boundaries to its central and northern European lands.
It was one of the few Roman sites in Europe that was not built over during the Middle Ages, and has now become an archaeological park, which attracts some 160,000 visitors every year.