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Russian Archaeologists Dig Up Mythical Satyr Skeleton?

John Squires

Much like the Faun of Roman Mythology, as seen in Pan's Labyrinth, the Greek mythological figure known as a Satyr is essentially a half-man, half-goat creature, oftentimes depicted as being very humanlike, with the body of a goat. Surely no such creature ever actually roamed the earth... right?
As reported by Before It's News, Russian archaeologists believe that they may have unearthed the body of one of these mythical creatures, over in the city of Stavropol Krai. Story goes that they recently opened up an ancient mound and discovered the skeleton seen in the image above, which looked quite unlike anything they had ever seen before. They said that there is no scientific explanation for the bizarre skeleton, which is comprised of the skull of a human, and what appears to be the body of a goat-like creature. "What if the Stavropol archaeologists have discovered a previously unknown anomalous creature to mankind?" said one of the men who made the discovery.
Though you won't understand a word that's being said, unless you speak the language, you can check out the Russian news report on the strange find below, which gives you
- See more at: http://www.fearnet.com/news/news-article/russian-archaeologists-dig-mythical-satyr-skeleton#sthash.mb9xyYbp.dpuf