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[Sidenote: Cerberus and Pluto.]

The myths of drought, darkness, and of the underworld have
sufficiently been dwelt upon as personified by Python, the Hydra,
Geryones, the Gorgons, Grææ, Minotaur, Sphinx, Chimæra, etc.; but
their main personifications were Cerberus (the grim three-headed
guardian of the nether world) and Pluto (or Aïdes), whose name means
"the wealth-giver," or "the unseen," who greedily drew all things down
into his realm, never to relinquish his grasp upon them.

Such is the physical explanation of the various poetical myths which
form the staple of classic literature, and which have been a fount of
inspiration for poets and artists of all ages.