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- “Man is a political animal”

- “He who can not live in society, or who needs nothing because he is sufficient unto itself, no part of the state, is a brute or a god”

- “Friendship is a form of equality comparable to justice. Each makes the other similar benefits to those he has received”

- “The main purpose of politics is to create friendship among members of the city”

- “The secret of business is to know something nobody else knows”

- “A friend is a second self”

- “The passion is not appropriate for all ages, but only to youth”

- “This is by righteousness that we become righteous practicing temperance, temperate; practicing courage, brave”

- “The human good is an activity of soul according to virtue”

- “Selfishness is not self-love, but an inordinate passion for self”

- “The well is not enough to be happy, but evil enough to make him unhappy”

- “Happiness is for those who are sufficient unto themselves”

- “The good is that toward which everything tends to be”

- “Happiness is an end in itself”

- “The happiness of life is assessed at the end of a life”

- “We must behave with friends as we would like them to behave with self”

- “A sense is what has the power of receiving into itself the sensible forms of things without the matter, in the way in which a piece of wax takes on the impress of a signet-ring without the iron or gold”

- “Knowledge is remembering”

- “The ignorant says the learned doubt, the wise thinking”

- “We do not know if we ignore the real causes”

- “All men by nature desire knowledge”

- “Time is the number of movement”


- “Happiness is not to acquire and enjoy, but nothing to be desired, as it is to be free”

- “Do not expect that events happen as you wish and decides to try what happens and you are happy”

- “It does not depend on you to be rich, but it depends on you to be happy”

- “What disturbs people, these are not things, but the judgments relating to things”

- “Our salvation and our loss is in ourselves”

- “The essence of philosophy is that a man should live so that his happiness depends as little as possible from external causes”

- “Do not tie a ship to a single anchor, nor life to a single hope”

- “If you want to advance the study of wisdom, does not refuse on external things, to pass for stupid and foolish”

- “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has”

- “This is not the satisfaction of desire that freedom is obtained, but the destruction of desire”

- “Before a pleasure, beware of representation, to represent the weight of regret to be sold and in return the ephemeral nature of this pleasure. If pleasure always seems tempting, it can then indulge”

- “It is the mark of a small mind to attack others when they fail in what he undertook, he who carries on itself a spiritual work takes them to himself: he that complete this work nor does it take to oneself or to others ”

- Nobody will harm you, unless you consent, evil will come only when you deem it hurts ”

- “It be wise to charge only of its own misfortunes”

- “If we just tell you that someone has spoken ill of you say:” We must ignore all my other faults, to mention only those which are known ”

- “All philosophy lies in two words, sustain and abstain”

- “Each of us left with the feeling that life has just been born”

- “Sometimes the fear of death that drives men to death”

- That person, because he is young, soon to philosophize, nor because he is old, never tired of philosophizing, for person shall undertake or too early or too late to ensure the health of the soul . And whoever said that the time for philosophy has not yet come, or that time is past, is like one who says, speaking of happiness, that time has not come or is gone ”

- “We must meditate on what brings happiness, since when it has, it has everything, and when he misses, we do everything to have it”

- “Being happy is knowing how to be content with little”

- “About every desire, we must ask: what advantage does result if I do not meet these criteria?”

- “All our actions are intended to remove from us the pain and fear”

- “True wisdom, the real superiority does not win by fighting but by letting it happen for themselves. Plants that resist wind break, while the flexible plants survive the hurricane”

- “My heart is full of fun when I have bread and water”

- “Of the desires, some are natural and necessary, other natural and unnecessary, and others neither natural nor necessary, but the effect of opinions hollow”

- “The man who is not content to just never be satisfied with nothing”

- “It’s not the intervention of our friends who helps us but knowing we can always count on them”

- “A friendship must be sought for itself, but it’s useful for the origin”

- “Among the things which wisdom is ammunition for the happiness of all life, by far the most important is the possession of friendship”

- “It is sweeter to give than to receive”


- “Lead me, Zeus and you Destiny, to which you have prepared for me. For I will follow without fail. But if I was getting nasty and if I did not want, I would not follow unless”

 “I do not want to die, but I want nothing to being dead”

- “At the time of death is as a resource very comforting memories of the good life”

- “We consider death with equanimity if at the time of death, we can be proud of his life. A life which was entirely devoted to the practice of virtue is never too short”

- “The soul has no power to show itself but, like the eye, although she does not see, she appealed to the outside world”

- “What is the true law? is the right reason, invariable, eternal, according to the nature and spread to all men”

- “Men are different from knowledge, but are all equal in their ability to learn, there is no race which, guided by reason can not reach the truth”

- “Glory is the shadow of virtue”

- “The most successful of all the arts is the art of living well”

- “Philosophy is the true medicine of the soul ”

- “Because nothing is more beautiful than to know the truth, nothing is more shameful than to approve the lie”

- “The more one is placed higher, we must be humble”

- “We are slaves of laws to be free”

- “What are laws without morals?”

- “Do not refuse anything to anyone: when you make promises, timing is uncertain, remote in time. However, by refusing, it is sure to make enemies, and in crowd”


- “Meditating on the death, meditate freedom and one who knows death, knows no longer be a slave”

- “The wise man lives as he ought, not as much as he can”

- “Losing is losing the only life that we may regret having lost since we will not be there to realize”

- “The supreme good is the harmony of the soul”

- “Nobody cares about the good life, but to live long, so that all can give happiness to live well, not long to live”

- “The philosophy of Epicurus is not a school disorder: it is unfairly maligned”

- “The wise man is without passion”

- “All wickedness is rooted in weakness”

- “Not that we had very little time, but rather that we lose a lot”

- “We must commit ourselves not to follow like sheep, the flock ahead of us”

- “The crowd is the worst criterion for happiness”

- “I agree in this with the Stoics, on the nature of things: do not deviate, forming on his law, that is wisdom. The view is so happy that which is in agreement with nature”

- “The day that the body has been dominated by the pleasure it will also be dominated by pain”

- “Virtue is something grand, lofty, sovereign, irresistible, of indefatigable pleasure, something low, servile, Low, perishable, whose residence and asylum are places of prostitution and taverns ”

- “Here is our obligation to support our own mortality and do not be troubled by the things that we can not avoid. It is in a realm that we are born: obey God, that’s freedom ”


- “This sense of wonder is the mark of the philosopher”

- “You have to call philosophers those working in any gasoline, and not the opinion of friends”

- “In dealing with philosophy as it should, it does nothing else than to seek the death and state that follows”

- “Man is the measure of all things”

- “Life is a short exile”

- “The key is not to live but to live well”

- “The unexamined life is not worth living”

- “What we did not, what is not, what is missing, these are objects of love”

- “Everyone seeks his half”

- “Are there greater pleasure or brighter than physical love? No, nor is there pleasure more unreasonable”

- “Touched by love, every man becomes a poet”

- “The opinion is something intermediate between knowledge and ignorance”

- “Everyone thinks because it is solely responsible for the wisdom or folly of his life, that is to say of his destiny”

- “I know is that I know nothing”

- “Know thyself”

- “The body is the tomb of the soul”

- “No one is voluntarily wicked”

- “It is this force that holds at all times fair and legitimate opinion on what to fear and not fear what I call courage and defined”

- “This is not to live according to the science that brings happiness, nor even to bring all the sciences at a time, but to have the only knowledge of good and evil”

- “To learn is to recollect what had been forgotten”

- “The soul never reasons better than when it as completely isolated itself by sending the body walk”

- “Man: wingless animal, biped, whose nails are flat and one who, alone of all beings, is capable of receiving knowledge, which is rational form”

- “There is, in my view, the birth of society that each of us, far from being sufficient to itself, on the contrary need a large number of people”

- “The opposite of this injustice would be justice, which would be for each class – that of the businessman, that of auxiliary military, the guardian – to conduct their own activities in the city, this is what would make the city just. A city just seemed to be precisely when the three natural groups present in each she exercised her responsibility, and it seemed moderate, or brave and wise, because of conditions and the specific provisions of these groups ”

- “Most men in power become villains”

- “What gives rise to the company’s impotence where each man is to stand on its own, and he feels the need of many things. The multiplicity of needs brought together in a same home several men to one another: and we gave the company the name of state ”

- “Time is the moving image of eternity immobile”

- “The intellect grasps truths and lives together in eternity”

- “What is fear death if we assume did not know?”

- “If you ask both men, asking good questions, they discover for themselves the truth about everything”

Marcus Aurelius (Roman)

 “Do everything, say and think any man who can leave at the moment of life”

 “Death is not only a natural action, but it’s still useful work to Nature”
 “The Time This is the same for all, we must not lose neither the past nor the future, how to remove someone because he did not do?”

 “The time of man’s life, a moment his soul, a whirlwind, his reputation, a vague opinion. His life is a war. What then can we help? Philosophy. And philosophy is this: to ensure that engineering is still in us without injury and without injury, and is above the pleasures and pains ”

 “You have survived as part of the Whole. You will disappear in what you got product”

 “You can, now that you want, you withdraw into yourself. Nowhere man finds more quiet and more quiet retirement in his soul”

 “Serenity is the art of doing without the assistance of others”

 “All that is left to the good man is to love and welcome the unexpected accidents and events spun together with its destiny”

 “Everything to me agrees that suits you, O World!”

 “Remember that whatever happens, happens fairly”

 “Think often the connection of all things in the world and their mutual relations, they are arguably intertwined with each other and thus have for each other a mutual friendship, and that under the connection that leads him and the unity of matter ”

 “All things are interrelated and a sacred tie, and there is almost nothing that has relations. All beings are coordinated together, all contribute to the harmony of the world”